Independent Thinking and Views, Humility, and Thinking you are Superior Among Others for What you Think you Know and Where You Come From

Learn for the sake of learning, to better yourself and others, not to feel superior or belittle others.

The School System, How to Best Help Children Learn, Teaching and Learning and School is not a Place for Smart People

“schools assume that children are not interested in learning and are not much good at it, that they will not learn unless made to, that they cannot learn unless shown how, and that the way to make them learn is to divide up the prescribed material into a sequence of tiny tasks to be mastered one at a time, each with it's approrpriate 'morsel' and 'shock.' And when this method doesn't work, the schools assume there is something wrong with the children -- something they must try to diagnose and treat.” John Holt

The Great Man was Once a Very Little Man – You differ from a great man in only one respect

"You better start right now. Don't wait till the game is called on account of darkness." Speech by Gary Cooper’s character calling for people to get involved and engage each other, Meet John Doe (1941)