The Surprising Reason You’re Always Tired: Learn about your thyroid—and how it may be hindering your health

In 2001, Kim Rhyne gained 20 pounds in six weeks. Normally an energetic women's ministry leader in Cleveland, she was suddenly so exhausted that she could barely drag herself out of bed. "I wasn't eating a lot more or doing anything any differently than I had been before," says Kim. "I had no idea what was going on with my body."

No More Flabby Arms – The Real Foods You Should Be Eating to Get the Body You Want and Two Key Principles for Better Sculpted Triceps

How to get rid of flabby arms and get the body you want and deserve - no matter how old!

Assessment of the Thyroid: Achilles Tendon Reflex (Woltman’s Sign)

6. "Delayed relaxation of the muscle stretch reflex (Woltman’s Sign) occurs in hypothyroidism. The achilles tendon reflex is a scientific way to assess thyroid function. The foot should plantar flex quickly and then return immediately to its starting position or beyond with no hesitation if the metabolism is healthy. No response or a very slow return back to original position are indicative of low metabolism."

No Whey, Just Eat Real Nutrient Dense Food: Old School Nutrition for an Old School Physique

If you want to sculpt an old school physique, you need to eat old school physique sculpting power foods.