Honor Your Woman by Honoring Yourself, Values Matter Greatly, Stand Tall for your Queen, Ravishing Sex is Subjective, and Emotional Ravishment can very Easily Lead to Sexual Ravishment

Does your woman want to be ravished?

Power, Control, and Individuality Issues in Relationships and Lois Owning Peter Griffin

"Power and control are two of the most significant issues in any relationship. The more trouble the relationship is facing, the more these power and control issues will come to the surface..."

Coitus More Ferarum

"Whether you are turned on by being a bit dominated, letting yourself surrender, or just knowing that with doggy, your partner can hit all the right spots — and deep — it's absolutely worth giving this position a try." Aly Walansky

The Healing Power of the Orgasm

"What most men don’t realize is that female orgasm is a holistic experience involving a woman’s mind, body and emotions. It works best when she feels loved, supported and respected – most of all, completely relaxed..." Allura Joy

Women Desire Dominant Powerful Men

FORGET women power, feminism, independence and all that. Women love their men to be powerful and dominant.