Honor Your Woman by Honoring Yourself, Values Matter Greatly, Stand Tall for your Queen, Ravishing Sex is Subjective, and Emotional Ravishment can very Easily Lead to Sexual Ravishment

Does your woman want to be ravished?

Power, Control, and Individuality Issues in Relationships and Lois Owning Peter Griffin

"Power and control are two of the most significant issues in any relationship. The more trouble the relationship is facing, the more these power and control issues will come to the surface..."

Marriage is Not the End of Romance, it is the Beginning

"...we should definitely try out more, experiment more and grow more sexually. Unfortunately it seems that the longer many of us are with a partner, the less creative the sex becomes. It should be the other way around..."

What are your Whys? Love, Lust, Trust, Intimacy, Desire, Health and Wellbeing for Yourself and your Partner

Intimacy and sex with ourselves and our (potential) partners are BIG reasons why we should want to live in a way that facilitates our health, wellbeing, and growth...for ourselves and our partners. This involves self care and self development.