Posing Mastery: Appreciating the Art of Body Sculpting Posing – Steve Reeves

"The idea behind bodybuilding posing is to create effect and illusion. Your posing should be approached like a PERFORMANCE. Be dramatic, heroic, even slightly arrogant in some of your side and three-quarter poses. Tilting the chin up creates better lighting for the face and the upper tie-in of the TOP of your body. For instance, on a three-quarter shot, the head looks up at a slight tilt and then over the shoulder – DRAMATICALLY – and it SLENDERIZES THE Sternocleido Mastoids of the neck to make your shoulders appear broader..." Vince Gironda

Physical Culture: Bettie Mae Page, Part Two

"Physical Culture is the pursuit of the improvement of the self - not a vain quest to fulfill an external perception. Begin the dialogue with your body, build the connection between body and mind, and seek out those physical activities that bring you joy, enlightenment and success and you’ve found Physical Culture."