Marriage is Not the End of Romance, it is the Beginning

"...we should definitely try out more, experiment more and grow more sexually. Unfortunately it seems that the longer many of us are with a partner, the less creative the sex becomes. It should be the other way around..."

The Grafenberg Spot – Communicate, Ask Questions, Pay Attention, Accept, Learn and Grow Together

Communication is a critically important necessity between partners. The ability to feel safe and comfortable with one another should be the central focus. Become aware of what your partner likes and what they do not like.

If you want to get with a winner, you got to drop that chicken dinner – The Ego-Less Relationship

"The ego-less relationship is one in which you have become aware of the incredible drama, that an unbalanced ego can create." Christopher Snell, The Ego-Less Relationship

Coitus More Ferarum

"Whether you are turned on by being a bit dominated, letting yourself surrender, or just knowing that with doggy, your partner can hit all the right spots — and deep — it's absolutely worth giving this position a try." Aly Walansky