Alan Stephan Wisdom on Training, Nourishing Food, and Recovery from 1950

Training, Food, and Rest: so simple and yet people of today have no clue.

Preparing Food is akin to an Intimate Dance between Lovers, Eating Food is akin to Passionate Love Making, Love and Good Company Makes Food Taste Better, Eating Good Food can Alter your Consciousness, and Good Nutrition will not Cure us of a Stressful Life

“The best meals are those prepared by loving hands.” Ken Poirot

Passionate Love Making is not just Physically Felt but Seen and Heard, If you Really Love Someone, Cook for Them, Sex and Food with George Costanza, and Erotic Play and Imagination with Esther Perel

"Erotic Imagination and Play challenges and subverts the established order..." Esther Perel