Cunnilingus, The Fountain of Youth – Communication, Love, Desire, and Trust

The deeper the love and the greater the trust for one another, the farther you want to venture with that person. The more you crave to pleasure them and by pleasuring them, you pleasure yourself.

Marriage is Not the End of Romance, it is the Beginning

"...we should definitely try out more, experiment more and grow more sexually. Unfortunately it seems that the longer many of us are with a partner, the less creative the sex becomes. It should be the other way around..."

Connection, Passionate Relationships, and Kink

Communication is a critically important necessity between partners. The ability to feel safe and comfortable with one another should be the central focus.

Passionate Love Making is not just Physically Felt but Seen and Heard, If you Really Love Someone, Cook for Them, Sex and Food with George Costanza, and Erotic Play and Imagination with Esther Perel

"Erotic Imagination and Play challenges and subverts the established order..." Esther Perel