Good Sex is about Connection, Sex Just of the Body is not even Sex, the More Connections the Stronger the Relationship between Partners

“If you live your love life only through the body, you live a very poor love life, because you live very superficially." Osho

Making Love is Meditation, Encourage Her to Develop Her Sexual Voice, Never Lose Connection, Sex is More than Penetration, and How to Have Great Sex

"Making love is meditation. It is sacred, it is the holiest of holies. So while you are making love to a man go very slowly... with taste, taking in every flavour of it. And very slowly: there is no hurry, no need to hurry; enough time is there." Osho

The Grafenberg Spot – Communicate, Ask Questions, Pay Attention, Accept, Learn and Grow Together

Communication is a critically important necessity between partners. The ability to feel safe and comfortable with one another should be the central focus. Become aware of what your partner likes and what they do not like.