What Body Sculpting Means to Me, Why I Want to Help Others Become their Best Self, and Why I Want to Grow this Awesome Community in Pittsburgh and the Rest of the World

It starts with us. It always has and always will. Being a better mother, better father, grandparent, husband, wife, neighbor, human. This is what it is all about. BETTERING THE WORLD THROUGH BETTERING OURSELF!

Understanding Thyroid Problems: Feeling Sluggish? Bloated? Always Cold?

Feeling sluggish? Bloated? Always cold? You may have a thyroid problem. But before you self-treat — or seek help from the numerous online coaches who peddle advice — find out what's really wrong

Why Training Less and Eating More Delicious Food Will Finally Get You the Body You Want

We help teach you and show you how to train efficiently as possible so that you get the most/greatest return for as little time spent in the gym. AND you do not have to restrict or diet or eat nasty green grass. NO MORE SUFFERING FOR HEALTH, FOR A GREAT BODY, TO FEEL GREAT! AND WE MAKE SURE WE ARE HAVING FUN IN THE PROCESS, if you are not enjoying this, it will not be sustainable.

The Surprising Reason You’re Always Tired: Learn about your thyroid—and how it may be hindering your health

In 2001, Kim Rhyne gained 20 pounds in six weeks. Normally an energetic women's ministry leader in Cleveland, she was suddenly so exhausted that she could barely drag herself out of bed. "I wasn't eating a lot more or doing anything any differently than I had been before," says Kim. "I had no idea what was going on with my body."