Why I Recommend Saturated Animal Products and Fats and Supplementing Vitamin E for a Sustainable Strong Classic Physique

The importance of Vitamin E when it comes to detoxifying unsaturated fats and sculpting a classic physique.

What really sculpts a healthy muscular sustainable classic physique

You want the best quality food if you want to sculpt a classic physique

Red Couch Conversations, Episode 9 – Why Fit Doesn’t Always Equal Healthy

This is a very interesting dogma that we see going around in the health & fitness industry. Ultimately, losing weight and/or getting "abs" doesn't always equal becoming healthier. As a matter of fact, more often than not, people end up changing their physical look and still having health issues (most times having even more health issues because of the added stress load exercise, dieting & NOT changing your mindset can be!).

The Minnesota Semi-Starvation Experiment (1944-1945)

The Minnesota Starvation Experiment, also known as the Minnesota Semi-Starvation Experiment, the Minnesota Starvation-Recovery Experiment and the Starvation Study, was a clinical study performed at the University of Minnesota between November 19, 1944 and December 20, 1945. The investigation was designed to determine the physiological and psychological effects of severe and prolonged dietary restriction and the effectiveness of dietary rehabilitation strategies.