What really sculpts a healthy muscular sustainable classic physique

Some trainers or coaches want to be sponsored by bodybuilding.com. Some want to be sponsored by gold standard whey. Some people want to be sponsored by GNC.

Not me.

Those are all garbage and do not support health, wellbeing, or a muscular healthy classic physique.

I want to be sponsored by a local farm that practices safe and humane farming. That feeds their animals what they are supposed to be eating so that they are healthy and in turn make us healthy. I only recommend products and food if I firmly believe in them and use/eat them myself.

Pictured is part of a typical breakfast for me. I eat three whole eggs, with dates and sometimes will sprinkle sourdough bread in. I eat it with coffee. In my coffee I put 1 to 2 tbsp of great lakes gelatin. A product I recommend to ALL of my clients. I need more protein in the morning first thing and not as much fat so instead of using another egg, I use gelatin. I also put maple syrup and milk (goat/cows) in as well.

That would be the life. Being sponsored by a local grassfed farm and great lakes gelatin. The great oldschool bodybuilders used gelatin-Steve Reeves, Alan Stephan, Bruce Randall etc. They understood the importance of quality food and supplements for a classic healthy physique.

Knowing I use the best quality food and supplements for my physique and health means the world to me. My health and wellbeing is everything to me and using those foods and supplements mentioned above supports that.

If you want to look classic, feel amazing, be strong, healthy and have mental clarity, you need to eat well, plenty, and provide your body with everything it needs to not just survive but thrive for the long term. A classic physique is nothing without health!

Part of my breakfast
Image: Great Lakes Gelatin Collagen Hydrolysate, Pasture Raised Eggs, Custom Coffee Mug

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