Red Couch Conversations, Episode 9 – Why Fit Doesn’t Always Equal Healthy

What being healthy REALLY is about

  1. Why looking FIT and having ABS doesn’t always equal being healthy and WHY?
  2. How you can start getting in SHAPE and HEALTHY at the same TIME!

This is a very interesting dogma that we see going around in the health & fitness industry. Ultimately, losing weight and/or getting “abs” doesn’t always equal becoming healthier. As a matter of fact, more often than not, people end up changing their physical look and still having health issues (most times having even more health issues because of the added stress load exercise, dieting & NOT changing your mindset can be!).

We hear people bragging about their low resting heart rate…

Did you know it is a sign of lower metabolism?

We meet people that tell us how their sibling or their partner can eat junk all day and stay “thin and fit”…

Did you know being thin or fit is NOT an ultimate indicator of health?

All around we hear people talking about losing weight, getting into shape and burning calories. All while depriving their bodies from healthy sufficient nutrition, self-love, stress reduction and LISTENING TO THEIR BODIES!

Chances are, if you “need” to lose weight, your body is already under a lot of stress and adding more exercise to your already overloaded body – without unloading it – can only aggravate your health state.

BUT, here is the good news…

You can actually achieve a BEAUTIFUL LOOK, less body fat, amazing body definition, build muscles, ALL WHILE becoming healthier!

Fit does not equal Health
Image: Vintage Jantzen Advertisement Illustration

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