Chin Ups for Bella, Please Support!

Support Bella


Any amount helps and if you can’t donate for whatever reason, sharing this post to help more people see this message helps just as much. ❤

I will perform one chin up for every dollar donated for this cause and film it! Please support!

If you donate, let me know and I will thank and dedicate each chin up to you on camera for the amount you donate! 🙏💪

“Bella is a very sweet Pomeranian, who became our dog about 10 days ago because life happens.

She belonged to our neighbor who had to go to the hospital and since close family refused to look after her, we agreed. About 6 weeks later the lady who was everything to her, passed away and left her an orphan. So she stayed with us.

We never had a dog before so this is all new for both of us. Past Saturday Bella took an unfortunate jump and injured her back which caused paralyzation of her back legs and body.  We took her to the Vet ER and have now VET PRACTICE, she gets her lazer treatments and medication. Overwhelmed emotionally and not ready financially for any of it we still try our best to get Bella back on her feet.

We would like to ask everyone’s help who can to support Bella’s journey to recovery.

If medication, lazer treatment, physical therapy and lots of love does not work, her last hope with 90% success rate is operation but with 3 underage kids there is no possible way we can afford it.

To see her missing her mama and not being able to move just breaks our hearts.
We appreciate you taking your time to read this letter and hope you can support the cause, if not PLEASE SHARE.”

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