Coitus More Ferarum

  1. “We all have our favorite positions, and the ones on top may differ when surveying the sexes. Doggy style may not be the first position we try with a new partner — or even a not-new partner — but there’s a lot to love about it. Generally, it’s a position that guys are considered to be way more into than females, but it doesn’t have to be that way. So how do you make doggy style better?
    Whether you are turned on by being a bit dominated, letting yourself surrender, or just knowing that with doggy, your partner can hit all the right spots — and deep — it’s absolutely worth giving this position a try.
    For doggy, the angle of his thrusting is going to often dictate how good this feels for you, so give your partner a lot of encouragement along the way and let him know what feels right and what can be adjusted. And make sure to bring some cushioning, being on all fours can feel awkward after a while.
    Want to kick it up even another notch? Bring a vibrator in for some additional fun and slip it down there — it’ll stimulate both of you while you’re going at it!” Aly Walansky, Does Doggy Style Feel Good? 8 Things You Don’t Realize About Doing It From Behind Until You Try It
  2. “Find the right angle. If your man happens to be blessed with a rather large member, you might find that the doggie style sex position is too much for you. Any man who has a long penis should always be careful in this position not to thrust too hard because they can bruise you or even cause damage to your cervix if they go too deep. Finding the right angle can help to make sex in this position feel more comfortable for you; so move around, lowering your chest to the bed or raising yourself up, until you feel right.
    Stimulated your G spot. Getting the right angle will also stimulate your G Spot, which is located on the front wall of your vagina. This will help you to work towards your own orgasm, especially if you self-masturbate your clitoris using your own fingers at the same time.
    Get him to stimulate your erogenous zones with his hands. He doesn’t just have to hold onto your hips and think of himself in this sex position. He has the perfect opportunity to bend over your back and kiss your neck, not to mention reach around to play with your breasts, nipples you’re your clitoris!
    Close your legs! Once he is inside you, you can close your legs, which will provide him with a tighter feeling around his penis and encourage him to penetrate you more slowly, making the sex feel more sensual. You will also feel more friction around the entrance of your vagina as his penis slides in and out.
    Pleasure Tip: Try pushing your pelvic floor muscles outwards as if you are trying to squeeze him out of your vagina. This will encourage your vaginal walls to lower which should make your G spot more accessible and lead to a more intense orgasm!” Scarlett Robinson, Why the Doggie Style Sex Position is a Man’s and a Woman’s Best friend
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