Red Light Therapy

Seeker titled Lady in Red“Penetrating red light is possibly the fundamental anti-stress factor for all organisms. The chronic deficiency of such light is, I think, the best explanation for the deterioration which occurs with aging. Enzyme changes, free radical changes, structural and respiratory changes are all involved as consequences of darkness stress.” Raymond Peat, PhD

“When I moved from Mexico, first to Montana and then to OregonErotic Photography Red Light 3 in 1966, I became very conscious of how light affects the hormones and the health. (For example, in Montana I experienced an interesting springtime shedding of body hair.) Many people who came to cloudy Eugene to study, and who often lived in cheap basement apartments, would develop chronic health problems within a few months. Women who had been healthy when they arrived would often develop premenstrual syndrome or arthritis or colitis during their first winter in Eugene.

The absence of bright light would create a progesterone deficiency, and would leaveTwin Peaks Red Hallway  estrogen and prolactin unopposed. Beginning in 1966, I started calling the syndrome “winter sickness,” but over the next few years, because of the prominence of the premenstrual syndrome and fertility problems in these seasonally exacerbated disorders, I began calling it the pathology of estrogen dominance. In the endocrinology classes I taught at the National College of Naturopathic Medicine, I emphasized the importance of light, and suggested that medicine could be reorganized around these estrogen-related processes.” Raymond Peat, PhD, Aging Eyes, Infant Eyes, and Excitable Tissues

“Recent findings suggest that the enzyme [Warburg] identified, cytochrome oxidase, is a key player in a new understanding of how the cell’s energy metabolism affects health and disease. And surprisingly they show that light has a profound effect on how the enzyme works — and could even be used to treat degenerative disease.” Nick Lane, Cell biology: Power Games (Nature, 2006)

Red Light Therapy“Light helps regulate the natural rhythms of the body and mind, and not getting the right kind of light or enough of it, can impact our health in surprising ways.

Every organism on the planet has evolved under the day-night cycle, known as circadian rhythms. This natural time-keeper sets our biological clocks within our brains and organs so when these rhythms get disrupted it can have negative effects on sleep, moods and cognitive performance.

Erotic Photography Red LightDarkness reduces cellular activity and energy production resulting in the production of a variety of inflammatory substances, such as adrenaline and cortisol, necessary to compensate for the decreased energy production. These hormones interfere with metabolism leading to low thyroid function, weakened immunity, decreased blood flow to the digestive system and difficulty regulating blood sugar.” EastWest Healing, Can Light Therapy Work For You?

“In winter, there is cumulative damage to the mitochondria because of too few daylight hours to complete the rebuilding of mitochondria.

Cortisol begins to rise as soon as there is darkness, regardless of sleep or waking. Artificial light, and its absence, clearly can determine the time at which cortisol begins to rise.” Raymond Peat, Generative Energy

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