Two Overlooked Factors in Health, Wellbeing, and a Classic Physique

Want to get healthy and reduce unhealthy body fat?​ Do you want to look and feel better? Who doesn’t?

Yes and of course, eating and training correctly are paramount, and have a huge affect on hormones, health and wellbeing but two other huge components that need to be addressed and go hand in hand with each other are just as important in my opinion.

I see a lot of men and women especially, during the consultation, and in their everyday life, with terrible posture. More often than not, they have this lifeless expression and just defeated, sunken, and diminished posture. They make themselves smaller and want to just hide. They lack confidence and do not like the body they are currently in. I am not saying this is with everyone, but mostly people who display this type of posture, have defeated attitudes, mindsets, higher levels of body fat, especially skinny fat.

Once again, this isn’t black and white, just observations from the many men and women I have seen, observed, and have gotten a glimpse of how they act and handle their life through what they have expressed to me.

Gregory Taper with Client and Team Member Orlando Posing RYS Conscious FitnessPosture (think alpha gorilla) exudes more confidence and more confidence exudes low stress hormones (cortisol etc). Which play a huge role in body fat, overall mood, thoughts, wellbeing and health.

“A strong confident person can rule the room with knowledge, personal style, attitude and great posture.” Cindy Ann Peterson

“Recent research coming out of Harvard University, The University of Oregon, The University of Texas and many other places is revealing that powerful and effective leaders not only share similar mindsets, but also similar hormone levels. More specifically, powerful leaders tend to have higher levels of testosterone and lower levels of cortisol.

Higher levels of testosterone (in both men and women) lead to increased feelings of confidence. Meanwhile, lower levels of cortisol lead to decreased anxiety and an improved ability to deal with stress.

Here’s what that means: if you enjoy these hormone levels, then you are biologically primed to be more assertive, confident, and relaxed. At the same time, you will be less reactive to stress and more likely to handle pressure situations well. In other words, the correct hormone levels can make you feel more confident and less stressed.”[1]

We facilitate this greatly with the food we eat, the way we train, how we think, our attitude, our belief, our STANDARDS!

I love when a client we have been working with after a couple weeks/months is consistently standing taller and “prouder” than ever before, because this confidence leaks into other areas of their life and greatly assists in them feeling, looking, and being better than they thought was capable. The energy they give off, the standards they have set for themselves show in how they stand, walk, think, and the small actions they consistently do, day in and day out all change for the better when they fix their posture and start to gain more confidence.

“The most well–known and versatile high power pose is nicknamed “The Wonder Woman” pose. You simple stand tall with your chest out and your hands on your hips.”[1]

What comes first? The chicken or the egg? Who the fuck knows, and I am not good in math. For some posture must come before confidence, and for many others, confidence must come first. Regardless, it is that higher standard we set for ourselves and that self belief, the want to actually be better that matters, makes all the difference. So yes, It can be one or the other for different people, and they each propel you in a better direction.

Stand tall and proud! Own it.

“I want to get old gracefully. I want to have good posture, I want to be healthy and be an example to my children.” Sting

I cannot tell you how much faster and better you will develop physically, when you train with confidence and happiness, because your body and mind can feel this attitude and energy and it will only grow/develop. Healthy fat loss, physique development is so much easier and effortless the more confident and happy we are.

1. How to Be Confident and Reduce Stress in 2 Minutes Per Day by James Clear
2. RYS Community by James Clear
3. Helping 1000 Women Transform in 2018. Want to see if you qualify for FREE coaching? 28 Day Challenge Just4Her

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