Ravishing Sex

Photograph from the motion picture Bram Stokers Dracula“Ravishing sex is subjective.

What is ravishing to one person could be tame to another.

If you are seeing someone for a while, and they confess that they love ravishing sex, do not just grin widely and assume you know what they expect you to do in bed.

What Is Ravishing Sex?

Ravishing sex is the type of sex where you involve pain in the sexual act, to increase sexual pleasure!

It is a sexual release where you can show off your dominant strength and your lust at the same time.

If you are not someone who is into ravishing sex, bringing all that domination into something as romantic as lovemaking could sound alarming, and that could all change once you understand the little nuances of passionate, ravishing sex here.

Firstly, ravishing sex is best enjoyed with a partner you trust… both of you know each other’s limitations and capabilities, and it is understood to know where to draw the line.

The Psychological And Emotional Thrill Of Ravishing Sex

One of the sexier things about ravishing sex is how contagious it is in bed.

If you claw your lover’s back with your nails, the rage they experience will subconsciously force them to reciprocate your ravishing moves with their own, which can lead to a heightened sexual experience for both of you.

And ravishing sex is not for everyone, especially men and women who have had bad experiences with it.

For the ones who enjoy it though, an occasional round of ravishing sex can increase the passion in a long term relationship.

People who love ravishing sex get the sexual high, from truly letting go and getting into the animalistic experience which can be “transcendent and spiritual” and takes sexual experience to a whole new level.

It is definitely not a bad thing though, because every once in a while, a change in routine in any relationship can make lovemaking a lot more sensual and alive.

When you are genuinely having ravishing sex, the urge to enhance the sexual sensation is so overwhelming that even penetration alone cannot satisfy you.

You want to do more… the pleasure hurts and you like it, and that is what makes the whole thing so passionate and intense.

You are taking yourself and your lover right to the edge where the experience is at it’s most intense and you are most ALIVE!

Yet ravishing sex is not for everyone and every stage of a relationship… especially for a woman, she has to feel comfortable indulging in it with someone she trusts and loves, and knows will not judge her unless she is having a one night stand with a man she feels high sexual intensity with.

Ravishing sex is highly intense sex and can be rough, and even when lovers indulge in it, be they male – female or same sex lovers… they can take on two different kinds of roles.

One partner usually initiates ravishing sex while the other partner experiences being ravished and gets aroused by it.

If you are more dominant in the relationship or in real life and have a career or a lifestyle where you are not pushed around much, you may enjoy submissive rough sex more than other people.

It is your mind’s way of craving for a release from the responsibility and the control… the psychological release of control makes you enjoy your orgasm better.

On the other hand, a lover who plays a submissive part in the relationship or in real life may get more pleasure by taking control in bed or by playing the dominant partner while having ravishing sex.

Ravishing sex does not have to be a means to abuse each other or feel powerful… it can be used as a psychological release, just as long as you practice it in a controlled environment and swap dominant and submissive sides often, unless both of you prefer specific roles all the time.” – Ange Fonce, Ravishing Animalistic Sex With Your Lover


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