Vince Gironda, a Tribute to his Teachings: High Bench Rows

Vince Gironda Performing Prone Bench Rows“Gironda’s high bench dumbbell rows is a great exercise for building definition and some mass in-between the shoulder blades and an excellent exercise to bring out the Teres Major in the back.

Vince loved adding this movement to most of his members (including me) in the 4 sides to a muscle routines. It added much needed size to my Teres Major and definition in places on my lats that I did not have before. Doing them right from the beginning is Vital if your going to benefit from this great movement.

Here is how Vince taught it to me:

You must use a bench that is about 30 inches high to allow you to lift the dumbbells high enough to get the most benefits from the exercise.
The dumbbells can either be palms facing each other (like Vince showed me) or parallel like Vince has them in the photo.
When pulling the dumbbells up you must pull them as high as possible and at the same time pause a few seconds at the top of the movement. I see lots of people just lifting them up without the pause. The pause is what will bring out the definition in the muscle. The main focus or objective is to lift or point the elbows up towards the ceiling.
As your lifting the dumbbells up, lift your legs, with knees semi straight, to work the lower back at the same time.
Now when lowering the Db’s down to the floor, relax the hands at the bottom of the exercise. Vince referred to this as performing singles.
Perform 12 reps per set and include them in your 4 sets to a muscle routine with the rest of your Lat exercises.

Here is Vince’s actual Lat routine that he designed for me:

Lat Machine Pull Downs with Concave Back
Racing Dives
Long Pulls on a High Pulley
Dumbbell High Bench rows” – Robert Torres, Vince’s Dumbbell High Bench Rows

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