Why Training Less and Eating More Delicious Food Will Finally Get You the Body You Want

Do you train for hours upon hours every week and barely see any results? Would you be okay if you worked 80 hours a week and barely got any money for it? You wouldn’t tolerate it and you would find something better where you get the most return for the least amount of time/effort.

This is what we do. Raise Your Standards, Change Your Life!

Gregory Taper with Client and Team Member Orlando Posing RYS Conscious FitnessWe help teach you and show you how to train efficiently as possible so that you get the most/greatest return for as little time spent in the gym. AND you do not have to restrict or diet or eat nasty green grass. NO MORE SUFFERING FOR HEALTH, FOR A GREAT BODY, TO FEEL GREAT! AND WE MAKE SURE WE ARE HAVING FUN IN THE PROCESS, if you are not enjoying this, it will not be sustainable.Mom and Daughter Client of the Month RYS Conscious Fitness

Q: Can anyone tell me why I recommend wearing as little clothing as possible while you train? and why I recommend posing/flexing during your rest periods/before/after working out?

Gregory Taper Posing Part 2 RYS Conscious FitnessA: It is very helpful/encouraging/motivating to see the muscles actually contract while performing the movement, as well as helpful to the eye/brain for learning how you are moving that makes you feel that contraction/tension on the muscle as much as possible. Also, if you have a body part that you want to develop more of or if it is a weak/underdeveloped muscle then actually seeing it while you train will push you to work it harder and to actually see it contract and start developing is a rewarding feeling to keep you going.

Melissa Jenkins Posing and Gregory Taper Chin Ups RYS Conscious FitnessPosing also tremendously helps with making sure (seeing and feeling) you are moving/positioning your body in the correct plane and contracting the muscles in the correct plane/pathway to emit as much force and tension on the muscle as possible during each rep, especially as fatigue sets in and you start to break form a bit. It helps prevent injury.Gregory Taper Posing Part 3 RYS Conscious Fitness

Gregory Taper Posing RYS Conscious Fitness

The posing/flexing teaches muscle control. Posing is very hard because you are tensing all your muscles as hard as you can while trying to make it look as effortless as possible. This helps you contract the right muscles while you are using weight and performing a movement. The better you can do it with no weight, the better you can do it with weight. You learn how to position certain body parts to better help you contract a muscle through posing and it translates to training. Posing/flexing the muscle you are currently training (during your workout/rest periods) also helps keep the blood (the pump) inside the muscle where you want it to be.

Melissa Jenkins Posing RYS Conscious FitnessWe teach you how to get the most out of your Client Training RYS Conscious Fitnesstraining so that you are not spending hours upon hours in the gym while barely seeing any results. We show you how and why TRAINING LESS, EATING MORE DELICIOUS FOOD (and less “clean eating”) will finally get you feeling great and looking great. Let us help you simplify this process and finally get the body you want and deserve!

Join the free RYS Community and be a part of something great! We want to help free as many men and women as possible that you DO NOT have to suffer to be healthy, feel great, and look amazing!

Raise Your Standards, Change Your Life!

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