Having a vision is essential to accomplishing health goals! Beginning with a sense of self-worth and belief in one’s ability to succeed is important; after all, we are more accountable to ourselves in baring the consequences of our lack of self-care than we can possibly ever be to anyone else. Often times people have fragments of dreams of the life they would like to live, but lack in utilization of resources and implementation of healthy habit formation. They don’t take the time and effort to articulate upon their vision, draw out a plan of action and put in the effort necessary to see it through. Those who carry on living life on autopilot essentially quit before they start and tragically squander great human potentials.

The good news is this doesn’t have to be the case. Starting foremost with making a commitment to yourself, Green Rocks Health professionals are here to help you help yourself. We provide the kind of guidance and development of skill sets that will allow you to progressively develop into a healthier version of yourself. Someone who has the self-confidence to continually create the kind of life they feel proud of, the kind of energy and vitality they crave for, and the kind of achievement that inspires others to live into their dreams as well.

Our self perception determines our behavior – if we think we are inadequate, we act that way. If we think we are splendid, we act that way.”

The pathway forward towards happiness and authenticity is not determined by something outside ourselves. Its determined by our own thinking, our own inner process, our self perception.

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1. Do you have a VISION? by Green Rocks Fitness (Amanda Abdelrahman)
2. Artwork by Alex Grey, titled “New Man New Woman”

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