The Gironda prone leg curl is an absolute must for optimal hamstring development, symmetry and shape. Awareness, posture and form for this and every exercise are always critical components for optimal development and continual progression. The mind muscle connection is especially vital for this exercise but can be a hard one to achieve. This is one of those exercise movement times that once it clicks and you feel the connection, it is understood and can be easily duplicated. Performing the movement from the thigh biceps while removing any help or movement from the feet is imperative and crucial to the success of achieving the mind muscle connection and development of the hamstrings throughout the exercise.

“When lying prone to perform leg curls, many lifters will instinctively compensate by contorting their body to enable their erectors help them generate force to either use more weight, or complete more repetitions with subpar form. To isolate the hamstrings, Gironda modified the movement to eliminate the lower back from assisting by performing the exercise with the upper body suspended by the arms, resembling what would look like someone holding themselves in the top part of a push-up while performing leg curls. This variation could almost be thought of as the hamstrings version of a concentration curl.”[1]

1. The Most Effective Exercises Popularized By Iron Guru Vince Gironda by Ben
2. Gironda Leg Curl Demonstration by Kyle Page
3. Photograph of Don Howorth

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