Learning from the Masters, Sergio Oliva – Triceps

“Sergio considers concentration to be the “true key to success in bodybuilding.” “I am convinced that without concentration you can’t develop your body to its fullest. He further stated that without concentration your physique will be incomplete and not symmetrical. “Therefore, I work hard and force every rep of every set, all the while concentrating to the limit of my capabilities. I keep my mind focused directly on the actual movement of the weight — on the exact muscle I want to work and on the correctness of my form in doing that.”

Sergio credits the combination of supersets and maximum concentration with adding a lot of his size, shape and separation. “I can’t stress the importance of concentration too much,” he said. “Keep a constant reminder in your gym or locker with a sign that says “CONCENTRATE!” If you’re preoccupied with other things your workout will be partially wasted, and talk after the workout — not during it.”” Sergio Oliva’s Upper Arm Training – Gene Mozee

Sergio Oliva Performing Overhead Dumbbell Extension
Image: Sergio Oliva, Overhead Dumbbell Extension

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