Empowering Relationships and Sharing a Deep Connection

Having first hand experience with this, I can without a doubt express that empowering relationships and sharing a deep connection with another is a feeling unlike anything else, most of the time indescribable, but very special and extremely valuable to growth as a human being. I am forever grateful.

  1. “The most empowering relationships are those in which each partner lifts the other to a higher possession of their own being.” Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
  2. “Connection: This is about physical and emotional contact. Pleasing a woman, make sure that you should never lose the connection. If you are face-to-face look into her eyes, eye contact makes every love-making special. Pay attention to her moves and her breathing, it will direct your next move. Better yet, ask her what she wants. Also be sure to keep a part of your body in contact with her. For instance, if you want to change positions and you need to remove both hands, keep your legs pressed against her. And so on.” Ruth Purple, The Abc’s Of Pleasing A Woman Sexually
  3. “…exploring other ways to pleasure your partner is a useful way to make sex more enjoyable for any couple. Making sex a slow and luxurious experience could improve sexual and relationship satisfaction drastically. Allow time for a breather during sex by using other techniques to arouse your lover. Encourage your lover to find other ways of enjoying your body that doesn’t always include penetration. Show them what else they can do to arouse you and bring more intensity to your sexual experiences.” Gia Ravazzotti, Pleasuring Your Woman: Sex is More than Penetration
Ocean of Love Bliss by Alex Grey
Image: Alex Grey, “Ocean of Love Bliss”

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