Colbert Curls: The Forgotten Curling Method

I highly recommend you curl the way old school bodybuilders used to. Not something you do for every bicep curl movement but should be performed and incorporated into your routine. People of today do not train like this, or even know about it. A true forgotten act. A shame because the people of the past got results and were good at it!

Curl the weight up and then behind your shoulder. Up and over to fully contract the biceps. The squeeze you get is no joke and will tire your arms for sure.

Also note Leroys strict pec press which clearly shows him as the master that he is. Keeping the chest high and the shoulders pulled back and down actively during the movenent so that the chest can get as much tension throughout as possible.

As you should know I am a huge fan of posing. Posing before, during, after training, as it teaches muscle control, establishes a mind muscle connection and helps with form and muscular development.

Leroy Colbert Curls
Image: Leroy Colbert Curling Method Behind the Shoulder
Leroy Colbert Curl Behind Shoulder
Image: Leroy Colbert Curling Method Behind the Shoulder

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