Strip to Sculpt

Embrace and love the body we have, so we can build the body we want!

Confront your fears head on, face to body!

What does strip to sculpt mean?

Seeing is believing and in my experience very helpful in achieving and building the body we want. It is greatly empowering and motivating to see our body develop. So much so that when we train I encourage as little clothing on as possible. It can be uncomfortable at first and really fearful to reveal and see parts of our bodies that we reject and dislike, especially when our bodies are poorly developed but we cannot heal and change that which we don’t reveal and embrace.

Empowering and Motivating

It is very encouraging to see your body develop as you train. Seeing the muscles contract as you perform the movements allows you to see your body taking shape and develop how you see fit. Seeing the muscles contract and form only motivates you more to work harder and to stay consistent with not only your workouts, but all of the other important things that equal a healthy lifestyle (nutrition, sleep, etc) You are more likely to keep things going the more you see positive changes happening.

Turn your weaknesses into strengths

We tend to cover up and therefore neglect the areas we are weak at or not developed in. This is only natural and a very comfortable thing to do. While being comfortable is certainly comfortable, as you know, change, evolution, growth as a person requires embracing the uncomfortable. This takes major courage but so does becoming the person we know we can be. Embrace your faults, knowing in your mind that if you take action in bettering yourself, things will get better and faults can become strengths. Also, the more we work on ourselves the less we feel shamed by our “faults” because we are becoming a more confident person knowing we are doing (taking action) something and not just sitting still and accepting how things are. If you are confronting the areas that you know need attention, you will be more determined to change and train them the more you see them.

And as you see them start to change and develop, the more likely you are going to continue training and gaining confidence to continue this new lifestyle.

Establish a better mind muscle connection

When we train, some muscles we can just feel being worked a lot easier than other muscles. We tend to be stronger/more developed in these muscles and weaker/less developed in the muscles we cannot feel being worked. What helps me and the clients I work with is to strip off the clothing so we can actually see our bodies, our muscles move, especially the muscles that we cannot “feel” while we train them (contract them). If we can see how we are positioning our body while performing the movements, it helps establish a strong “mind muscle” connection and leads to our ability to better feel those muscles and start developing them.

Embrace and love the body we have, so we can build the body we want

“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.” Carl Rogers

The more we let our shame and doubt in ourselves and our “hate” for our body win, to cover up and hide, the less likely we are to begin the healing process to start accepting and loving our bodies. I know it sounds backwards but we cannot begin to change our bodies, until we begin to love and accept them as they are first. When we can openly embrace who we are and accept things, then and only then will we be able to change and grow into who we see ourselves becoming and that includes building the body we want, inside and out!

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