Defeated Mindsets and Learned Helplessness

It is a good thing we learn to walk when we are babies because I 100 percent believe if we had to learn as adults, 99% of people would not be able to learn to walk.

I work with many men and woman every day at a gym. Their mindsets are complete shit. They are so defeated. (Mainly because of how they have been living, eating, thinking for so many years)

They try something one time and give up. They constantly say how terrible they are, how bad they are doing, how much they suck, how they will never be able to get it and it is what it is. I cannot eat healthy since I’ve been eating this way my whole life. These training movements are too hard (barely a week in).

Give me a fucking break.

They have already failed with attitudes like that and self limiting beliefs about what they can and cannot do. They give up so easily. They do not understand that they are not going to succeed or be perfect right away. You fail your way to success. You do not give up. Expect failure but keep showing up and you will get it.

If you had similar mindsets, attitudes, beliefs as a child that you do now, you would have never learned to walk seeing as you probably would have given up after the first couple fall downs. I’ll never be able to walk, it isn’t for me, I’ll go back to crawling everywhere.

So, like I said, it is a good thing we learn to walk when we are young or else the majority of the population would be in serious trouble.

Learning to Walk

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