Sculpting a Classic Physique: Experiment and Use your Brain

Best thing you can do for your physique is to experiment with different movements, angles, planes and positionings. Even if you have never seen it done before. Experiment and see how your body responds. This is what the oldschool bodybuilders did and did not need some EMG study of what muscle fiber gets activated or not. They used their brains and what produced results in themselves and others. If they waited for external validation of some pub med study than they would never have built the physiques they built.

It is funny how a lot of the “science” fitness enthusiasts are always the ones saying that is bullshit or that isn’t correct, yet they themselves look like they never picked up a dumbbell.

Give me oldschool any day of the week over this new age bullshit wait for a pub med study guru.

John Grimek Chest Expander Movement
Image: John Grimek performing Chest Expander Movement
Steve Reeves Incline Curl
Image: Steve Reeves performing Incline Dumbbell Curl
Steve Reeves Barbell Hack Squat
Image: Steve Reeves performing Reeves Barbell Hack Squat
Steve Reeves performing Reeves Hack Squats
Image: Steve Reeves performing Reeves Hack Squat
York Barbell Toe Squats
Image: York Barbell Toe Squats


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