Apparently Everyone is an Expert

Apparently everyone is an expert and knows how to train and what and how to eat.

It is very rare that I come across a potential client that comes into working with me with the attitude that they do not know what they are doing. There is glimmers of acceptance with them that they do not know but for the most part they almost always think they already know what they are doing wrong or what is correct and what they need to do to fix their situation.


People almost always know what is healthy, what is not and why they are overweight and out of shape.

Diet Treasury
Image: Diet Treasury (1950s)

Most clients always say one of following statements to me when I ask about their nutrition:

1. “I eat pretty healthy.”
2. “I just love eating carbs and sugar.”
3. “I eat way too much”
4. “I know what I need to eat and what I am doing wrong.”
5. “I need to eat more green vegetables.”

All of these statements and beliefs annoy the hell out of me. The fact is, 99 percent of the time these people have no clue what is healthy, what is not, and what they need to be doing to help themselves lose fat and by saying any of these statements almost 100 percent solidifies that they actually have no clue at all.


People think they know how to train (absolutely not) but they just do not have the right routine that is holding them back.

Goofy Gymnastics 1949
Video: Goofy Gymnastics (1949) Gif

Women and men alike on this but more so men, have no clue how to train appropriately. I constantly see bad and poor form, moving in the incorrect planes, swinging and using momentum never once contracting their muscles, jerking their bodies, only moving from a to b and trying to get through the set as fast as possible.

They assume they already know how to train and what to do but they just do not have the right program. Newsflash, there is no perfect program and that is not what is keeping you from getting the results you desire.

Goofy Gymnastics 1949 2
Image: Goofy Gymnastics (1949)

Not Coachable

All of the above tells me that they are most likely not coachable, especially when they already think they know what is wrong or what they aren’t doing and need to do to obtain the results they seek. If they already knew what to do or how to do it then they wouldn’t need a coach. They are just looking for validation to keep doing what they already are doing and that it will work eventually. Also known as, continue to feed their bullshit and laziness to remain comfortable and exactly the same and most likely unhappy.

Newsflash, you are seeing me for a reason, because what you are doing is not working. You are seeing me, I am not seeing you.

You Don’t Know what you Don’t Know and Must be Open to Learning

You need to understand that their are many things you do not know and many of which is the very reason you are seeing the results you want. You need to realize that if how you are living, eating, training was working then you wouldn’t be seeking advice or be unhappy with where you currently are physically. Take ownership that you do not know things and will have to let go and allow a coach to take over and facilitate this process for you. You will need to put in the work and listen to what they say and read the information they provide you with so you can learn new things and start to change your beliefs. If you do not understand something, you will not believe in it and you won’t do the work. The coach is not their to drive the car for you, but to be a guide in the passenger seat and navigate with you.

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