Changing Our Beliefs About Food

We need to get back to enjoying our food. Food shouldn’t cause us so many problems and worries. Food shoudn’t add to our stress, it should help alleviate it. We shouldn’t have to fear the food we put into our mouths, we should enjoy the foods we put into our mouth.

  1. “Industrialists have campaigned to convince the public that their by-products, from cotton-seed oil to shrimp shells, are “health foods.” In several parts of the world, desperately poor people sometimes eat clay, and even clay has been promoted as a health food. Almost anything becomes “food,” when people are under economic and social pressure. If these things aren’t acutely toxic, they can become part of our “normal” diet.
    Our instincts give us a few clues about our nutritional needs, such as thirst, the hunger for salt, the pleasantness of sweet things, and the unpleasantness of certain odors or very acrid or bitter tastes. People who are constitutionally unable to taste certain bitter chemicals find certain vegetables less objectionable; their instinctive guidance has become less clear. But within the boundaries of cravings and disgust, habits and customs become the dominant forces in diet. “Professional dietitians” and other “experts” primarily function as enforcers of cultural prejudice.” Raymond Peat, PhD, Vegetables, etc.—Who Defines Food?
  2. “By far, in my experience, this is the hardest thing for people to do when switching to a more metabolically supportive diet…
    Changing their BELIEFS!
    BELIEVING that tasty, good food can be healthy for them and help them lose weight. Changing their BELIEFS around food and health is the HARDEST part. Once you decide and understand eating more and eating to satisfy cravings is good for you–your mind will shift and your body will follow…Because in reality…
    Eating more food should be easy. Eating tasty, delicious food like dairy, cheese, fruits, honey, juice, chocolate, coffee, butter, whole eggs, etc should be easy
    Working out less should be easy
    Sleeping more should be easy
    Yet, due to most people’s ingrained dysfunctional beliefs that we must suffer for health (eat less, eat foods that don’t taste very good, exercise our brains out, use willpower, work hard, etc.) we make all the above much more challenging than they should be…
    Our mind is a powerful thing…” Kate Deering

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