Ditch the Scale and Focus on the Inside, Strength, Habits, Happiness – Self Development

“The quest for wholeness can never begin on the external level. It is always an inside job.” Shefali Tsabary

Ditch the scale, weight loss does not mean anything. Focus on how you feel, focus on your lifting and if you are getting stronger, focus on your energy, mood, thoughts, libido. Healthy body fat loss and lean mass gained!

You got to put the work in. The work in all areas – the reading, the learning, asking questions, observing yourself, observing what works and what doesn’t work, observing others, the training, creating new habits, enjoying all the delicious food, the changing of the mindset and attitude. This is a whole body and mind journey.

Strength training is science. Cardio is man made bullshit.

All kidding aside, cardio does not build muscle. Cardio will not get you that “toned” look and by the way, fuck the word “toned” and stop using it for christ sake. Cardio will not build that shape, the figure that you want. To get the body you want, you need to lift weights. And not little pink and blue dumbbells either, but progressively aiming to get stronger.

You do not need to live in the gym everyday to sculpt a classic body.

You do not have to restrict carbs or calories. You can eat ice cream. You do not have to suffer, you do not have to experience cravings, or food binges.

The more muscle you have (not in size but muscle density), the more fat you burn at REST. This means you burn fat when you are not training, just living your life, enjoying the delicious food, relaxing, working, spending time with family etc. Strength training allows you to spend less time in the gym while eating more delicious food and enjoying your life!

  • surround yourself with the right people and community as well as in the right environments that facilitate you, your growth, your journey, who challenge and support you and you will go far.
  • ditch the scale!
  • always strength train over cardio
  • eat delicious real food
  • change your mindset.
  • get rid of the victim mentality
  • ditch the all or nothing, black and white mentality. That does not serve you.
  • little by little, a little becomes a lot.
  • progression, not perfection.
  • adopt better language, ditch the “I can’t” “That isn’t me” and think “How can I” “Why cant it be me?”
  • take ownership and own your bullshit, don’t hope for it, put in the work. No one can do this for you, you got to do this! You are in control! “Weak people are destructive; powerful people are constructive. Powerful people create, facilitate, and make things happen.” David Schnarch, Intimacy & Desire: Awaken the Passion in your relationship
  • be resourceful, seek solutions, stop complaining, be MacGyver oriented
  • ask for help, don’t try to do it alone.
  • don’t run and hide and alienate yourself when things get tough. Newsflash, it will never be perfect
Anita Page Weighing Herself
Image: Anita Page weighing herself

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