Lead by Example and Being the Change – Time Poor to Time Rich

Lead by example and being the change – Time poor to time rich by raising our standards, owning our bullshit excuses and the stories we tell ourselves.

This is a big mindset shift/attitude. This is a big area that I address with people I work with! I want everyone to see how valuable this will impact their life in such a positive way. It trickles into all other areas!

When I was younger I was late for everything. Always. The past 4 years I have really made it a point to not be late for anything and continually work on this for myself. How can I expect my clients to follow this standard if I am not following/making it a priority to live by this standard? I can’t.

Everything starts with yourself!

Why is this important to me?

I want my clients to understand how valuable time is. We cannot get time back. Everyone is complaining about how they do not have time. 99% of of the time, “I don’t have time”, is complete and utter bullshit. With proper planning, prepping and scheduling, and not just letting time pass or focusing on dumb shit, we actually have more time than we think.

We let so many little seconds slip by when we could be using it to be productive. Little passing minutes that go by, that seem insignificant, adds up greatly and when we find ourselves complaining later in the day that there isn’t enough time, or justifying our reasons for staying up late (to get more time alone) it is because of these continuously passing minutes, the lack of structure, lack of planning, that at the time don’t seem like a lot (most don’t realize we do this or they find reasons for justifying their actions) but I promise they do add up throughout the day.


No one has time for anything. We make the time if it is a priority for us or until we have procrastinated to the nth degree that we are in the final hour of something that needs to be done that should have been taken care of long ago. When you raise your standards, your expectations of yourself, and you make them priorities, you make the time for those priorities. You find a way and make it because that is the standard that you have set.

Shit happens! Some unavoidable, most not. But less happens when we plan. We allow for more flexibility when we are structured.

Life happens and there are times that things unexpectedly happen that prevent us from getting to appts on time or cause us to lose time, but 99% of us not being on time is our own fault from a lack of structure, discipline, planning, and valuing and respecting our time and others. I also found that when the unexpected happens, people who are structured and discipline (as well as well fed and nourished) better adjust and adapt to fix and handle the unexpected better prepared than the people with no planning or structure.

How I helped myself go from time poor to time rich.

Learning to value and respect my time and that of my clients.

Time is precious and very important. When you are constantly late it shows a lack of discipline and a lack of respect not only to the person you are meeting (coach, friend) but it shows the kind of respect or lack of respect you have for yourself and the standards you tolerate for yourself. When I learned this and thought of it this way, I had a whole new level of discipline and willingness to never be late for any appt or person ever again.

Plan, schedule, structure

Have a plan for your week. Schedule clients sessions at least a week in advance. Know what appts you have, who you are seeing, time for yourself, time for others, when you need to pick up food, cook and prep food, etc. The more structure you have, the more flexible you can be and adaptable when the unexpected happens because you are for the most part prepared for such things/events.

Sleep early, wake early

Having energy for the day is a must. Sleep is so vital to health and wellbeing that sleep must be a priority so you can be more prepared throughout the day/week. If you are not sleeping, you won’t be as sharp and a lot of things start to fall apart when our sleep is off and we lose the ability to stay on track for the long term. Starting the day off right sets the tone for the whole day. A shitty start can derail the whole day and is very hard to get back into that groove. When you start the day right, more than likely the rest of the day is easier and better because of that. How many times have you hit the snooze button five times and then noticing the clock, jump out of bed, rush to get ready, barely have time to eat anything while rushing out the door. BIG MISTAKE.

Prep your food and eat thy food

Not just any food, but the foods that give you the most bang for your buck. Energy, mental clarity, muscle development, recovery is all facilitated greatly with food, plus food is fucking delicious. To be disciplined, have structure, you need energy, and to get energy you must be eating correctly, eating throughout the day, and prepping the food in advance pays off dividends and is a great time saver later in the week. Starting the day with a great breakfast, just like with the sleep tip, sets the tone for a great day which will trickle into the rest of your day!

Don’t be an asshole! Learn to respect your time and others. Stop wasting time and you will have more of it!

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