Enjoy Your Fast Metabolism While You Can – What a Bunch of Bullshit

Gregory Taper RYS Conscious Fitness
Image: Myself

Stop blaming age for your slow metabolism

Enjoy your fast metabolism while you have it Gregory. As you age you can’t eat like you use too. You will gain fat. They all said it. They all believe it. This comment has been said before the dawn of time. Enjoy that fast metabolism while you are young. Ignorance at its finest. Do not get me wrong, I totally understand why older people believe this saying and say it to people, especially younger fitness enthusiasts but they do not see the whole picture and it shows their ignorance.

I started sculpting my body at 17 years of age so that I could get bigger and stronger for basketball. Shortly after I began to realize the importance of how nutrition affects muscle development and health. I was very strict with food and that is something I want to talk about in a future post in context but for now lets keep it on hand with this whole metabolism topic.

As I began college they warn you about gaining fat, especially freshman. There are many reasons for this, one being stress, but mainly because now you are away from home, away from mom and dad, and you can eat whatever you want, whenever you want and of course this is a main factor in gaining fat. As I went through college I maintained a regular gym schedule and ate just like how I began eating ever since I realized the importance of nutrition, with one caveat. The more I learned on the matter the more I implemented and made it better. Around my mid twenties, I was not exercising as much (still wasn’t worried about getting fat) but I was personal training clients. A lot of clients would tell me, wait until you hit 30, after that, your metabolism really starts to slow down and you gain fat. Okay I said, we will see. I am now 31 years old, about to be 32, and I have since started body sculpting again but not because I have gotten fat (I have actually remained very thin) but I still have a great metabolism. Now people are telling me, wait until you are 40. Blah blah blah.

What people fail to understand

What most people fail to understand is while aging might slow down (very insignificantly in my opinion) metabolism, it isn’t because of your age. It is because of your shitty nutritional habits. What you eat affects your health, physique, and metabolism. It is the accumulation of how you have been eating for years that slows down your metabolism. How you have been living, etc. This is why I have never been worried (even when I wasn’t training for four years straight) because I eat pro-metabolic foods that support and facilitate metabolism and health! Now that you are aware of this, lets do something about it! We got you!

It might shock you but I eat and enjoy the following:

  • ice-cream
  • tons of sugar and carbs (from fruits and roots to honey, maple syrup and even white sugar etc)
  • fish, beef, eggs
  • butter, ghee, coconut oil
  • desserts (cake, custard, pumpkin pie)
  • milk

What is the catch? Did I sell my soul to the devil?

Now there is a big difference in the quality and the oils and sugars being used to make my food/desserts than what the majority of others use when they eat the same type of food. This does not mean my “healthy” version tastes like cardboard shit either, since I use real sugar, real fats like butter and coconut oil, they taste amazing and are amazing for you to enjoy!

Context – I do not use vegetable oils (soybean oil, canola oil etc,) – that cause inflammation, slow down metabolism and cause health problems and fat gain over time – to cook my food or my desserts. I use coconut oil and butter, which are great for your body and are healthy fats (saturated fat). These foods promote health and a fast functioning metabolism. To take it a step further, I make sure that the butter is coming from grass-fed cows that are eating their natural diet and not being force fed food (corn, soy, grains etc) just to fatten them up which makes them unhealthy and the food they make unhealthy.

What I do not do:

  • I do not restrict
  • I do no crave
  • I do not binge
  • I do not fast (only between meals and while i sleep)
  • I do not earn my food by working out more
  • I do not do any cardio (I do love to walk in nature out in the sun)
  • I do not count my fucking steps.
  • I do not eat raw green veggies, kale smoothie bird shit shakes etc
  • I do not guzzle down fish oil or flax seed oil, or other stupid supplements
  • I do not take pre workout bullshit amp your nervous system the fuck out pills

What I do:

  • I train three days a week (at the moment) that lasts no more than 50 minutes
  • I am not that active other than my 3 days of training (although I am not saying to be inactive at all)
  • I enjoy all of the food I eat and it is real fucking food that is delicious as breast milk is to a newborn!
Gregory Taper with Client and Team Member Orlando Posing RYS Conscious Fitness
Image: Myself w/ Client, Aged 70’s
Gregory Taper Posing RYS Conscious Fitness
Image: Myself
Dessert RYS Conscious Fitness
Image: Homemade Dessert
Three Twins Icecream Additive Free RYS Conscious Fitness
Image: Three Twins Vanilla Icecream Additive Free
Fruit Chocolate Dessert RYS Conscious Fitness
Image: Fruit Chocolate Dessert

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