The Healing Power of the Orgasm

Hysterical Literature Session One
Video: Hysterical Literature: Session One, Stoya reads “Necrophilia Variations” by Supervert
Unknown Untitled
Video: Erotic Gif
Unknown and Untitled Photography
Image: Artist Unknown
  1. “What most men don’t realize is that female orgasm is a holistic experience involving a woman’s mind, body and emotions. It works best when she feels loved, supported and respected – most of all, completely relaxed. For men, orgasm and ejaculation last only a few seconds. A single climax is usually enough to satisfy them for a time. Conversely, women are able to enjoy multiple orgasms. Quite often, after having one or two, they tend to want more – again and again, as each one can feel more gratifying. When properly stimulated, it can be a wonderful feeling of rolling waves perpetuating in pure ecstasy, as the intensity continues to build with each blissful climax.” Allura Joy, The Profound Power & Pleasure of Female Orgasm
  2. “In the 1800’s mid to late Victorian era doctors would massage the clitoris of women who suffered from depression, anxiety, PMS, fainting spells, fatigue, and any emotions or mental stress or conditions. In fact, some doctors used this for any condition between the neck and knees. The doctors would massage the women’s clitoris until they reached orgasm. I tried to find something that listed results of these treatments but wasn’t able to find any. But, I did find a few articles that stated doctors were so busy doing clitoral massages that the doctors started getting carpal tunnel and were not able to see all of their patients because they were so busy. This is actually how the vibrator was invented. A doctor invented the vibrator as a way to relieve the stress on his hands and to help the women achieve orgasm quicker. Even though I cannot find records of the results of these treatments, though it makes you think that there had to be good results for there to be such a demand for such treatments. These were extremely conservative times, especially for women. The treatments were not considered sexual because there was no penetration, but the women would not have been allowed to go for regular treatments if there was not an improvement in their conditions. It makes me wonder; if Tantra and Sex Therapy were part of the medical system and gave treatments of pleasure to those who needed them, would this be a healthier and happier world?” Sensual Tiger Holistic Tantric Arts, The Healing Power of the Orgasm
  3. “With sexual intimacy, it’s a time the place the feelings run excessive due to the show of ardour and the stimulation of the physique’s main vitality facilities (chakras). As vitality was made to flow into all through the physique and never stand nonetheless, some girls expertise a construct up of vitality often known as ORGASM. The orgasmic vitality, with its procreative energy, will push by means of these suppressed feelings because the vitality itself has to interrupt free and since the lady is in a heightened state of consciousness and her unconscious is huge open and totally attuned to the innate knowledge of the physique, she begins making sounds. The sounds are the direct expression of the physique itself and with precision, she coos on key, releasing the vibrational imprint of previous feelings (vitality in movement) that has been saved throughout the partitions of her womb. Folks – that is really sexual therapeutic at its most interesting! When she will get to that time that she will now not management facial expressions or bodily actions and he or she lets go and surrenders herself to Spirit (what? did you suppose she was surrendering to you? naw, you are simply the car by means of which Spirit operates), the tears come forth. On a scientific degree what this implies is that the parasympathetic department of the autonomic nervous system has stimulated the lacrimal glands by way of neurotransmitters and receptors. The lacrimal glands are what are accountable for producing tears. So in a nutshell your physique mainly instructed itself that it was time to launch these feelings. Her physique’s knowledge is aware of and understands why and it does precisely what it must, with out our permission. We simply fall in rhythm and let good loving be.” Denika Laurie, Why She Cries: The Power of Orgasm
  4. “…these physical reactions aren’t responses to the texts themselves, but rather to an unseen assistant pleasuring said women with vibrators under the table. Eventually, they climax. The piece, by artist Clayton Cubitt, is titled “Hysterical Literature,” and is slated to go on view as part of Mass MoCA’s “Bibliothecaphilia“ exhibition later this month.
    “I sat the readers at a table,” Cubitt told The Daily Beast, “and I showed what society wants to see on top of the table, and I hid the sex under the table. I wanted to see what people would react to more: what they could see, or what they imagined.”” Women Orgasm While Reading… For The Sake Of Art, Of Course

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