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Usually when people add milk and sugar to coffee this can give people problems because the coffee amount is too much. However, when you start slow, and reverse it by adding small amounts of coffee to the milk and sugar, slowly increasing the coffee amount as your body tolerates it better!

Coffee has a number of health benefits! It provides energy, enhanced alertness, concentration and an overall feeling of happiness. Coffee contains large amounts of magnesium, which helps you feel calm, B vitamins and also acts as an antioxidant which helps protect cells from damage!

Some say “Coffee gives me jitters. I feel anxious after having coffee.” or “Coffee gives me headaches.” There are a lot more reasons people give when discussing their inability to handle and enjoy their coffee drink. Yes, it is true that coffee can cause problems such as the ones just described. Just like everything, context matters and there are a bunch of variables to take into consideration when trying to understand why something isn’t working. Explore what the real reason could be when you feel coffee isn’t working for you, but against you.

Lets explore why coffee might be harming, rather than helping:

1.) BLACK COFFEE BY ITSELF (with no meal): Coffee revs up your engine (bodies metabolic rate) and this increases the bodies need for glucose. As a result, it can cause blood sugar dysregulation, which will cause stress hormones (such as adrenaline) to rise, often contributing to the jittery effect that you feel taking place.
2.) DRINKING TOO FAST: Drinking coffee too fast can cause the body to react negatively. Regardless of it being good for you, it can overload the system and bring about negative outcomes.

Tips to help coffee work for you, rather than against you:

1.) CREAM AND SUGAR: Adding cream and sugar to coffee will help maintain steady blood sugar levels by slowing down the rapid absorption in your cells. This will help ensure that coffee gradually increases energy in a supportive long lasting effect, without the sudden adrenaline rush and crash later in the day.
2.) DRINK IT WITH A BALANCED MEAL OR POST MEAL: Consuming coffee with a balanced meal (or post balanced meal) that contains protein, carbohydrate and fat is a great way to prevent the negative reactions of coffee. When consumed with a balanced meal, the coffee can be consumed black if you prefer it without the sugar and cream because it will be balanced by the meal.
3.) ADD COFFEE TO YOUR MILK: Instead of having a big batch of coffee and adding some cream and sugar to it, you can start small and slow with the coffee by adding a very small amount to your milk. The more your body adapts to it, the more you can gradually increase the amount, based on how you feel and your response to that amount.
4.) SIP SLOWLY: Don’t just gulp the whole drink down very rapidly. Take some time to drink it. Allowing the body to digest it slowly. This can help alleviate common symptoms such as blood sugar dysregulation and the jitters.

  1. “Often, a woman who thinks that she has symptoms of hypoglycemia says that drinking even the smallest amount of coffee makes her anxious and shaky. Sometimes, I have suggested that they try drinking about two ounces of coffee with cream or milk along with a meal. It’s common for them to find that this reduces their symptoms of hypoglycemia, and allows them to be symptom-free between meals.” Raymond Peat, PhD, Caffeine: A vitamin-like nutrient, or adaptogen
  2. “Symptoms to expect when you do coffee right are calmness, focus, motivation, warmth, and stable energy. Coffee done wrong leads to anxiety, shakiness, sweating, feeling wired, inability to focus, and sometimes cold extremities. Truthfully there is no right or wrong because whether you react well or not, the situation serves as a learning tool if you’re knowledgeable and aware enough to assess and correct the symptoms.
    If you do get unfriendly symptoms from using coffee, stop what you’re doing as soon as possible and correct by eating or drinking something sweet like orange juice, honey, a ripe fruit, ice cream, or sweetened milk. This action will lower the symptom-producing substances by raising the blood sugar.” Rob Turner, Coffee Done Right – Tips to Help Avoid Coffee Intolerance
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