Consume Milk Between Meals for Muscle Development and Fat Loss

One thing I do to lose fat, gain muscle and size is drink milk (goat and cow) between meals. A lot of silver era bodybuilders were notorious for drinking milk between meals and during meals to gain size and muscle mass. Clarence Ross, John Grimek, Paul Anderson, Bruce Randall, Steve Reeves and many more advocated milk between meals, especially if you wanted to increase mass and size. It works.

Steve Reeves Drinking Milk
Image: Steve Reeves Drinking Milk between Filming

It also allows me to have a nice influx of healthy proteins, sugars and fats between meals, keeping my blood sugar stable and allows me to go longer between meals if something comes up. Milk is full of anti stress properties.

I tend to use anywhere between no less than 4 and no more than 8 oz between feedings but most of the time between the 4-6 oz range. I prefer to use whole milk, especially when I am trying to gain size. It is delicious and full of many beneficial properties.

Depending on the density of the meal, I typically eat every 2-4 hours. With this in mind, I will consume milk no sooner than an hour and a half after my meal. I tend to wait more towards the half way point after I have eaten so that I have had some time to digest my food. I do not have this problem but it is advised not to drink so much milk that it keeps you from being hungry and losing your appetite for your next meal, so if you plan on employing this strategy, take note of how much is too much for you in that regard.

Question: I have noticed that some authors and trainers advise the drinking of from two to four quarts of milk per day. Is this a good idea?

Answer: We cannot delve too deeply into this subject in the limited space allowed, but will try to give a satisfactory answer. We definitely do advise the underweight trainee to drink milk if he wishes to gain weight. We know some doctors claim that milk is only a food for children but we do not believe they have any actual facts to substantiate this claim. On the other hand, there are thousands of cases to prove the value of milk as a healthy drink and a curative food. It is our opinion that milk is one of the finest foods in existence.

We have known of many bodybuilders who tried to gain weight without the use of milk to no avail, but after they added two or more quarts to their daily diet immediately began to gain. One quart does not seem to be enough for satisfactory gains and you seldom notice any great gains from this amount, but two to three quarts make can make an amazing difference. There are some who have even used four or more quarts per day. As a general rule, over three quarts causes you to lose your appetite to such an extent that you cannot do justice to your regular meals. Nearly all the leading bodybuilders of our acquaintance drink milk in large quantities and swear by it. It can be taken either at meals or between meals. We always preferred to take it between meals as it seemed to give us more benefit. However, the trainee should determine for himself which is best. To take it with meals seems to fill the stomach so that no other food is desired and this, of course, is not good. If you take it between meals (not too close to meals) this condition should not exist. Those who do not like regular milk should make a milk-based drink of some kind that they particularly like. We have heard of many weird concoctions being mixed up with all types of healthy ingredients.

If you have been afraid to use milk, we feel you have been neglecting an important part of your training to gain solid weight.” Charles A. Smith, “Milk and Weight Gain

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