Man Boobs: Not a Strength Training Deficiency

“The more overweight you become, the harder it is to become lean. Fat tissue is a source of estrogen (more aromatase enzyme activity) and estrogen lowers the metabolic rate.” Rob Turner, Functional Performance Systems

If a breast feeding baby would mistake your partner/sons/dad for you then they really need to reevaluate their lifestyle/stress/sleep/and nutrition.

Excess alcohol, stress, estrogen, pufas, soy. This doesn’t happen because of a strength training deficiency.

Kids have this happening to them as well because of poor lifestyle and eating habits. Such a shame. Parents need to be educated on this matter.

Obese Boy
Image: Obese Child

“Although we commonly think of the ovaries as the main source of estrogen, the enzyme which makes it can be found in all parts of the body. Surprisingly, in rhesus monkeys, aromatase in the arms accounts for a very large part of estrogen production. Fat and the skin are major sources of estrogen, especially in older people.” Raymond Peat, PhD

Fat Bastard from the motion picture Austin Powers
Image: Mike Myers as Fat Bastard from the motion picture Austin Powers


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