Our Secret (Taboo) Fantasies

Taboo Bathroom Sex
Image: Taboo Bathroom Sex, Unknown Photography
Unknown Photography Miss L in head to toe Latex splendour
Image: Miss L in head to toe Latex splendour, Unknown Photography
  1. “Sexual fantasizing can be healthy, particularly for a reasonably healthy couple that uses their increased excitement to move toward rather than away from the partner.” Patrick Carnes
  2. “There’s a lot constantly going in the fantasy part of our minds that sounds pretty strange and at times, frankly, shocking. But coming to terms with our fantasies – and realising they are not our reality – belongs to the art of knowing how to live more easily with ourselves.” Our Secret Fantasies
  3. “Every day, each one of us entertains, in the caverns of our minds, a host of secretly very enjoyable but deeply taboo ideas and scenarios.
    We fantasise about the downfall of rivals, sudden wealth and fame, reversing and accelerating time, eliminating colleagues, anticipating the stock market, the death of various people (even a few we’re meant to love) – and of course, of having sex with a huge variety of entirely inappropriate people in a plethora of highly forbidden or just pretty non-standard ways…” The School of Life, Our Secret Fantasies from The Book of Life

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