What are your Whys? Love, Lust, Trust, Intimacy, Desire, Health and Wellbeing for Yourself and your Partner

Intimacy and sex with ourselves and our (potential) partners are BIG reasons why we should want to live in a way that facilitates our health, wellbeing, and growth…for ourselves and our partners. This involves self care and self development.

Living to your highest standards, integrity, honesty, codes.

This involves honesty (with yourself and with your partner, communication is so vital) and removing shame, feeling not worthy of a life that involves these things/experiences. You are always worthy! You should want to look your best, feel your best, LIVE YOUR BEST. Even if you know you can look better, feel better, sex better, relationship better, you have to find the beauty in who you are RIGHT NOW, IN THE BODY YOU ARE IN CURRENTLY, knowing that you are taking action and working every day to be a better person and with that action, patience, and consistency, you will slowly become (becoming doesn’t just happen, becoming the person is a process of the work you put in each day) that person you see yourself as. You must act as that person already in order to become that person.

What are your whys?

We all want to look better and feel better for ourselves. AND we want to feel sexy and sexier for ourselves and our partners.

Love, food, sex, food, sex, intimacy, food, honesty, food, sex, love, more food.
So many people hold themselves, their true selves back from their partners, sometimes even themselves. If you do not feel comfortable and at ease with yourself, in your own skin, your body, you will not be able to feel comfortable, open, and honest with your partner.

  • Are you comfortable in your body?
  • Are you able to express your feelings, needs, wants with your partner?
  • Do you suppress your true feelings for fear of rejection, shame?
  • Do you wish you had more sex with your partner, explore different positions, adventures, acts?
  • Do you go on adventures, explore, live?
  • Do you sit and talk with your partner about anything?
  • Do you cook together? Cook for each other?
  • Are you able to hear each other and let one another speak, get their feelings/thoughts out without shame, judgement, taking offense?
  • Do you even want to have sex? How is your libido? Was it last seen during the Clinton administration?

Life is about food, enjoyment, love, expression, happiness, sadness, emotions, being honest. I think one of the worst things in life is to live a life that is not truly your own, scared of what everyone else thinks, and to be afraid to show your true self.

Why do I bring this up? Because it is greatly important. So many people have tons of relationship issues with their partner and within themselves that affect the relationship. Not just with your partner but with friends. It stems from within.

If you are not eating, if you are actively restricting, over exercising, doing tons of cardio, restricting carbs, your hormones are going to be out of whack, fat gain happens, your mood will be fucked, and libido will tank. Thus you suffer and your relationships suffer.

  1. A big reason why I eat the foods that I eat and why I want to develop my body the best that I can (first and foremost is because of me, my standards) is so I can live as long as I can while not just looking as good as I can but also feeling as good as possible for as long as I am alive.
  2. The next big reason is because of the person I am in love with. I want to be physically, mentally, and emotionally sound each and every way so that I can show her every day just how much I love her and what she means to me, what she deserves. I also want to be able to sex her good and sex her right, be able to pick her up and lift her around even at 85 years old, pleasure her, love her the best that I can and show her that love each and every day for the rest of our life together. I want to cook for her, take her out, go on adventures, hike, explore, really live with her, and I cannot do those thing if I am not taking care of myself first by eating good food and making sure my body can function and move etc. Body, mind, everything. It is all related and equally important. If i am moody and depressed, stressed, libido gone, that is a terrible person to be in a relationship with, and I would never want that for her because she deserves everything. I don’t want to just physically show her but show her in any and every way.
  3. The other reason being my future kids/grandkids. The way that I live/eat has a big influence on them. I don’t want them to have issues or suffer because I chose to live/eat terribly. I want to be able to play and move and be there for them always. Not tired and stressed and miserable and have no energy to be and spend time with them.

It is all related and important. Eat good food. Get movement, lift heavy weight, do the things you enjoy, express yourself, with your partner and yourself. You will feel a whole lot better.

You got to have deep reasons why you do this, why you continually put in the work. Or else you’ll constantly question your actions when those hard days come, and boy do they come.

I have seen first hand with people who come in and are so rigid, closed, defeated and after working and eating more pro-metabolic food, upregualting metabolism, getting some good movement, it is like their outer skin shell cracks and their second skin comes out and they are much more free and alive, expressive. The rigidness, the moody bitchassness goes away.
So talk to your partner, or your hand, and let them know what you want, go slow, express yourself, eat great delicious food, manage your blood sugar, don’t worry about every little thing, put in the work but let it happen naturally, don’t take everything so serious.

I truly hope I don’t offend anyone but if I do, good! Perhaps it was needed!

Equilibrists Ray Massey Photography
Image: Ray Massey Photography, “Equilibrists”
Erotic Nude Couple Craig Morey Photography
Image: Craig Morey Photography, Erotic Nude Couple
Rebecca Leveille-Guay Artwork
Image: Rebecca Leveille-Guay
Rogelio de Egusquiza The End of the Ball
Image: Rogelio de Egusquiza, “The End of the Ball”
73 years of marriage and still smooching by Alan Shapiro
Image: 73 years of marriage and still smooching, Alan Shapiro Photography
Man Holding Woman Unknown Photography
Image: Man Holding Woman, Unknown Photography

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