Everyone is Beautiful, Health is Always the Top Priority, Nonsense of the Past, Get Slim the Pathé Way, Sugar is Not the Problem, Rethink how you Exercise

You get to decide what is true for you!

Firstly, everyone is beautiful! Don’t give anyone the authority to tell you otherwise! Secondly, it’s encouraged, and feels good, to want to do things that improve our health and wellbeing (body/mind). There are some ways to do this that are better than others! The way to true beauty and HEALTH is about much more than pampering the outside (which is important, do not get me wrong). A HUGE part is about nourishing the INSIDE…not only with food, but with thoughts/mindset and self love!

  1. “I did not know this for most of my life…
    I did not know that there were other ways to achieve the body I desired and more importantly the life I wanted…
    It wasn’t until my nervous system catapulted me into a constant state of “fight or flight” mode I was left with no other choice but to contemplate other alternatives…
    Sometimes, it takes us hitting rock bottom before we realize that exercising our insecurities away just won’t work, because even if we achieved a goal, maybe we were still left feeling empty/unhappy…
    Please note, that a body built from love will outlive a body built from loathing! Embrace you, love yourself.” Alyssa Chang, Instagram Post
  2. “You get to decide how to feel about your appearance. Whether it’s the size or shape of your body, how you decorate it (hair styles, makeup, clothes, jewelry, tattoos), or anything else about how you look, those are YOUR decisions. When it comes to your body, you don’t have to accept anyone else’s preferences. You’re allowed to love and appreciate yourself regardless of beauty trends or social pressure.” Amber Rogers
  3. “The dictionary defines fitness as: possessing a quality of strength and overall health. Nevertheless, for many people today, fitness has become more about how one looks than how one feels. This is a cultural standard that has nothing to do with what is natural to our species’ design.” Kathleen Porter
  4. “Emma: What would you say a better definition of “fitness” would be?
    Rob: I think the definition should extend beyond a person’s surface appearance or performance capabilities. Since our ultimate fitness (or survivability) really boils down to how our cells are functioning, I’d like to see a more balanced definition that integrates an aesthetic component while respecting the importance of overall health, cellular health, and how a person feels.
    Dr. Peat says in his May 2010 newsletter that, “The needs on the cellular level guide the organism’s adaptation.” In the unrestrained pursuit of physical fitness, adverse changes can happen on the cellular level that create unfavorable adaptations, lowering survivability. Despite being in “good shape,” the veteran marathoner who dies suddenly from a heart attack lacked the cellular fitness to sustain life.
    The following are aspects of fitness that integrate aesthetics, performance, cellular health, and well being:
    Competency in biomotor abilities (strength, endurance, power, flexibility, balance, speed, agility, coordination) in relation to needs or goals
    Muscle size, body composition, and activity level that matches needs or goals, not societal definitions or pressures
    Mobile joints & relaxed muscles
    Natural spinal and body alignment fostered by strong bones
    Effortless nasal, diaphragmatic breathing
    Youthful respiratory quotient (optimal body temperature and pulse rate)
    Efficient digestion and elimination
    Healthy heart and good circulation (strong pulse and warm extremities, tip of nose)
    Rarely experience sickness
    Excellent sleep, libido, and fertility
    Relaxed yet focused mind
    Positive outlook” Emma Sgourakis (The Nutrition Coach), rethink how you exercise: An interview with Rob Turner – Part 1 and Part 2
  5. “In the l960s, Hartroft and Porta gave an elegant argument for decreasing the ratio of unsaturated oil to saturated oil in the diet (and thus in the tissues). They showed that the “age pigment” is produced in proportion to the ratio of oxidants to antioxidants, multiplied by the ratio of unsaturated oils to saturated oils. More recently, a variety of studies have demonstrated that ultraviolet light induces peroxidation in unsaturated fats, but not saturated fats, and that this occurs in the skin as well as in vitro. Rabbit experiments, and studies of humans, showed that the amount of unsaturated oil in the diet strongly affects the rate at which aged, wrinkled skin develops. The unsaturated fat in the skin is a major target for the aging and carcinogenic effects of ultraviolet light” Raymond Peat, PhD
  6. “While it is important to avoid overexposure to ultraviolet light, the skin damage that we identify with aging is largely a product of our diet.” Raymond Peat, PhD
  7. “Eat the old fashioned way, dairy, eggs, in-season fruits and do not be afraid of sucrose (cane sugar) added to your coffee and milkshakes. Film actresses in the thirties and forties did not need all the facelifts and touch ups that actresses need today due to a healthier diet filled with sucrose, animal protein and saturated fat. Take a look at some movies from the olden days. Remember that sucrose is used for energy and allows proteins to be used for repair work on your skin. A low carb diet will very quickly cause cells to suffer due to wastage of repair material. No sucrose in the diet means that proteins are turned to sugar for energy.” Dodie Anderson, Nutritionist
  8. “You might’ve noticed headlines popping up in magazine articles lately stating that sugar is “ageing” and the cause of glycation which leads to skin wrinkling and sagging. These articles generally conclude with recommendations for ‘anti-glycation’ topical skin products and (sigh) a “no-sugar” diet. This post is just a small collection of information to get you thinking and hopefully have you see that sugar* is actually not the bad guy here.
    Firstly, I want to say that I don’t think wrinkles are necessarily bad. I’m proud of my 37 year old laugh lines. Wrinkles are indeed inevitable but the thing is, they needn’t develop prematurely, and if you’d rather not accelerate ageing of the skin, know that sugar is not the culprit, but rather the oxidative breakdown of Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (PUFA).” Emma Sgourakis, Age Sweetly
Women try to lose weight under male instructors supervision in Philadelphia
Image: Women try to lose weight under male instructors supervision in Philadelphia
Fat women undergoing a slimming course in a courtyard in New York 1926
Image: Women undergoing a slimming course in a courtyard in New York (1926)
Modern Times
Image: Paulette Goddard, “Modern Times” (1936)
Marilyn Monroe
Image: Marilyn Monroe Exercising
Marilyn Monroe Eating Ice Cream
Image: Marilyn Monroe Eating Ice Cream
Vintage Women Exercising
Image: Vintage Women Exercising
Photograph of Dorian Dennis
Image: Dorian Dennis

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