Menopause, Hot Flashes, and Body Love Mentality: The Bullshit of Ignorant Common Beliefs from the Fitness and Health Industry are in Full Effect on this Kardashian Show

The bullshit of ignorant common beliefs from the fitness and health industry are in full effect on this Kardashian show. People see this and really believe this is what it takes to have a great body or what aging entails as you get older like it is normal. So much bullshit, delusion and misinformation out there when it comes to building a great body and having great health.

Start loving your body and celebrate what it can do versus approaching it with hate and destruction because you do not like what you see and feel. One will lead you to results and happiness long term, while the other will leave you damaged, bruised and full of suffering on the inside and out, even if not right away.

Blood sugar regulation is a big key to everything. Sorry Kardashians, large amounts of water and bowls of green leafy raw salads will not help regulate your blood sugar and it certainly will not facilitate a healthy sustainably built body.

  1. “Many health conscious people become hypothyroid with a synergistic program of undercooked vegetables, legumes instead of animal proteins, oils instead of butter, carotene instead of vitamin A, and breathless exercise instead of stimulating life.” Raymond Peat, PhD
  2. “Between the ages of 50 and 55, about 60% of women experience episodes of flushing and sweating. Around the same age, late 40’s to mid-50’s, men being to have sudden increase of some of the same health problems, including night sweats, anxiety, and insomnia.” Raymond Peat, PhD
  3. “In one experiment, hot flashes were found to be increased by lowering blood sugar, and decreased by moderately increasing blood sugar (Dormire and Reame, 2003).” Raymond Peat, PhD
  4. “Despite popular opinion, PMS isn’t normal. It’s akin to a check engine light that goes off monthly. If you’re looking to have an easy menopause, don’t ignore PMS. If you’re looking for easier weight management, it’s recommended to remedy the hormonal imbalances and metabolism suppression associated with PMS.” Rob Turner, Functional Performance Systems

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