Become like Melting Snow, Ego Training, and Sergio Oliva Training Philosophy

  1. “Become like melting snow; wash yourself of yourself. With love your inner voice will find a tongue growing like a silent white lily in the heart.” Rumi
  2. “Sergio never had his ego wrapped up in how much weight he lifted like many amateur bodybuilders who groan and yell and draw attention to themselves. Sergio barely made a sound of exertion doing any exercise. He had no problem using light weights for high reps, like using only 30 pounds on cable laterals (front, rear, side) for sets of 15 to 25 reps, or triceps extensions with 85 pounds, wrist curls with 75 pounds, one-arm dumbbell preacher curls with a 45 pound dumbbell, or cable crossovers with 50 pounds—all for 20 reps a set. Even on decline Smith machine presses on a few sets he used only 155 pounds—a weight most pro bodybuilders would warmup with—which he combined with pec deck flies.
    To Sergio barbells and dumbbells and exercise machines were just tools to work his muscles, and since his goal was high reps and to pump his muscles to the max, he focussed on how much his muscles pumped and how hard his muscles worked, and not on how much weight they lifted.” Greg Zulak, 15 Bodybuilding Secrets from Sergio Oliva Sr.
  3. “Many are afraid to die to their egos because they think that there will be nothing left of themselves. That is because they identify themselves with the egos and do not understand that they are not their egos. The way to truly understand it is to practice awareness and self-observation. Then you will know who you are, and will see egos like clouds that come and go, that are impermanent and are always changing.” 1st Key to Awakening – The Death of the Egos
Sergio Oliva Training Triceps
Image: Sergio Oliva, “Triceps Extension”

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