Become the Person Capable

You must raise your standards in order to become the person capable of having a great physique and quality health.

“The next major advance in the health of the American people will result only from what the individual is willing to do for himself.” Dr John Knowles

The person you are right now, your way of living, who you currently are does not have the physique/health you desire. So how can you remain the exact same person in other areas of your life and achieve what you want? You cannot! If you remain the same, you will continue to get the same results.

“Life has a tendency to provide a person with what they need in order to grow. Our beliefs, what we value in life, provide the roadmap for the type of life that we experience. A period of personal unhappiness reveals that our values are misplaced and we are on the wrong path. Unless a person changes their values and ideas, they will continue to experience discontentment.” Kilroy J. Oldster, Dead Toad Scrolls

Wow, what an amazing quote, “Unless a person changes their values and ideas, they will continue to experience discontentment.” These are the standards I live by.

What are your priorities? Are you doing the things needed to become the person you want to be? Or are you remaining a victim and not willing to put in the work but only bitch and complain and wish for things to be different, better? You need to take action. You need to put yourself in better situations. What will facilitate your growth, evolution? A coach, awareness, perspective?

What habits are you creating and making a priority to follow through with in order to become the person you see yourself as? If you currently do not have any, start right now with anything and share it please!

I am making it a habit to have my clothes folded, put away, and to have my bed made before I leave for work every day and every night before I go to sleep.

I am also making it a priority to do what I say I am going to do. As soon as I catch myself thinking I don’t have time for this, I slap the fuck out of that thought and say actually I do, because I can make time for it.

These are not directly health, nutrition, or training related but it indirectly affects those areas big time because it trickles into those areas if you remain the same in areas that promote laziness, or bad habits. We need to become someone different in order to reach our health and physique goals and it starts like this.

Focus on one thing and go from there! Action creates momentum and more action! We BECOME as we repeatedly DO!

“What you are will show, ultimately. Start now, every day, becoming, in your actions, your regular actions, what you would like to become in the bigger scheme of things.” Anna Deavere

Focus on:
• Habits
• Behaviors
• Choices
• Priorities
• Environment
• Attitude/Mindset
• Believing in yourself
• Standards
• Accountable
• Stop with the complaining and bullshit excuses
• You got to own this and put in the work/effort

The only person stopping you from succeeding is you! Successful people do not have more time than you, they make the time. Successful people DO NOT waste time. People who say they have no time are time wasters. Successful people are not more motivated, resourceful, lucky or more talented. Successful people are successful because they see themselves as being CAPABLE. Capable of being the best version of themselves. They believe in themselves, even when no one else does and when circumstances are dire.

“Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.” Dale Carnegie

Successful people put in the work and own their craft. Successful people live their purpose. They give more than they take, knowing giving is taking. They are not afraid of failure, they embrace failure. Failure is learning. Failure means you are doing.

“Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.” John F. Kennedy

Successful people take care of themselves because they know if they want to continue to contribute and help others, they must first help themselves or they won’t be able to live their purpose and help others. Successful people take accountability for themselves and their actions, never putting the blame on others. They do not allow themselves to play the victim. They are in control of their destiny. They control what they can control and do not let what they cannot control to slow them down. They do not make excuses, they find solutions. Above all else, successful people know the value of always learning, always developing, evolving, growing, always improving. They are the master of their domain and they own the process.

Chris Mower Take Personal Responsibility
Image: Chris Mower, “Take Personal Responsibility”

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