Action Expresses Priorities

“Action expresses priorities.” Mahatma Gandhi

Many people say they want to lose fat, gain muscle, become healthier, feel better, look better, “shape” their arms, their physique but their actions say different.

Actions Speak and Walk

If you think a certain task is a priority in your life, yet you are not taking action to move forward in the completion of that task, you need to have a closer look at your priorities. Perhaps you are not being entirely honest in your evaluation of what is important to you. If this is the case, take the time to re-examine what your priorities are then take action to express those priorities.” Unknown

Actions speak volumes. You cannot expect results if you half ass this process and do not go all in. This has to be a lifestyle shift, creating and building habits SLOWLY that facilitates sustainable LASTING results. Not with just eating better or going to the gym but in every area of your life because it all relates to one another and if their is a crack in any area, it will spill over eventually into other areas.

Focus on the Small Things Daily

You have to focus on the small things day in and day out and everything else will fall into place. Otherwise you are just looking at another temporary diet with temporary results and you will be right back where you started and usually worse off.

Honesty is Huge

You have to be honest with yourself and really question if you are committed or not committed in bettering your health, your kids or future kids health, your wellbeing etc, because if you are not, it will show in your actions or lack thereof.

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