The Dangers of PUFA and How they React Inside the Body

It has been known for a LONG time that polyunsaturated fats, especially vegetable oils, are no good for human health. The fact that raw milk is illegal in the majority of the world but vegetable oils and the like are not only completely legal but touted around as the better healthier oil to consume and used for many restaurant dishes, as well as the oil of choice for hot bars like whole foods just screams insanity. However insane that it is allowed and pushed, it is not surprising at all considering that they make tons of money selling these oils. When you actually understand how these oils react to air (as well as inside the human body) you too will be wondering how people could continue to use these oils.

“Big possibilities that can happen to you when the oxidized oils are accumulated inside your body:

1. Stroke / Heart attack (blockage in the artery).
2. Promote metabolic disorder (diabetes #1 silent killer in the U.S.).
3. Cancer (because of the development of the sticky oxidized oil inside the body).
4. Sticky oxidized oil can damage the kidney, liver and pancreas.
Note: The sticky oxidized oil is similar / identical to the raw sticky plastic material.

Properties of Virgin Coconut Oil:

1. Naturally Cholesterol-free
2. Absolutely NO TRANS FAT
3. Non-Hydrogenated
4. Wholesome Natural Oil (not a manmade or invented oil)
5. It has lauric acid an excellent solvent in dissolving the solidified oxidized oil. Lauric acid has anti-oxidant properties.
6. Virgin coconut oil is the only edible oil on the planet that has the highest amount of lauric acid.
7. Lauric acid – similar substance that yields the same nutrional benefits as mother’s milk.

Manufacturer or conspiring men removed the word hydrogenated on the label. They are advertising that saturated fat is bad for you to stop the usage of natural oil from coconut. Not all saturated fats are bad. Eskimos are known to have long life. They have been consuming saturated fat from fish and wild animal. Butter is made of saturated fat. Pacific Islanders have been using coconut oil for thousands of years. Virgin coconut oils are natural product of the mother earth, God’s creation.”

“Flaxseed oil, also known as linseed oil, is sold as a rich source of plant-derived polyunsaturated fats by the ‘health food industry’. It’s also sold in hardware stores as a wood finishing oil (Due to it’s high oxidation rate it dries and hardens quickly providing an excellent surface treatment to woods). Because these oils are highly unsaturated and chemically unstable, they are very easily oxidised and degrade rapidly. This video highlights just how unstable and vulnerable to oxidation and spontaneous combustion polyunsaturated oils can be. An increasing amount of evidence is pointing towards the polyunsaturated fats in our diet causing high levels of oxidation of LDL lipoprotein particles in the blood, which in turn causes heart disease.”

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