Conscious Training: Be at the Gym Fully

When you are at the gym, be at the gym FULLY! I do understand when clients say to me that they use the gym to get away from the world (problems, kids/family, work, stressors etc.) Don’t let those things take away from the main purpose of using the gym in the first place, which is developing the body the way you envision it, becoming stronger and more resilient to the challenges of life! You must be fully present while training if you want quality workouts and quality results. Each repetition is just as important as the next, and the quality of the workout needs to be kept at a high level. Lift with a purpose, squeezing the muscle with every repetition, every set, every second.

  1. DO NOT TALK DURING THE EXERCISE(S): Focus on your body! Watch how you move, ensuring that you are traveling in the correct plane, using quality form. If you can talk, you are not using the correct weight and you most certainly aren’t contracting your muscles.
  2. STOP COMPLAINING: Yes working out is hard, but anything worth something will always be challenging! It takes a lot of hard work, but consistency and hard work will produce results!
  3. USE YOUR EYES AND BRAIN: Really look at yourself when you are performing each repetition. Make sure you are traveling in the correct plane. Make sure your body is positioned correctly! If you need to adjust, then adjust. Feel what is going on during each repetition. Do not let your mind wander. Be in the moment. This produces results more than anything.
  4. LEAVE YOUR PHONE: Unless you know you are going to be called upon at work or from your family, ditch the cellular device. We have a limited amount of time to work and every second counts!
  5. HAVE FUN: Working out is tough but it is also fun! Enjoy every aching moment. You get to decide how to look, what muscles to develop and that is a wonderful thing!
Gladys Portugues Standing Cable Biceps Curl
Image: Gladys Portugues


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