Eat More Evil Sugar for a Well Developed Sculpted Classic Physique

A common question I get from men and women who want to sculpt a great body is why do I recommend fruit when fruit contains evil sugar.

I understand why people ask this question. People have been led to believe that sugar is unhealthy and for this reason fruits need to be limited or cut out completely, especially when attempting to become “healthier” and reach their body image goals which usually includes losing body fat and gaining muscle in the right places.

Fruit is one of the best foods to eat in general, ESPECIALLY if you want to build muscle, lose fat, get healthier, have more energy, etc. One reason I am able to build muscle and recover pretty quickly is because I am consistent and I train hard and effective and the foods I eat work for human physiology which provide me with the nutrients, vitamins, minerals needed to recover optimally and fully.

Another benefit of eating ordinary sugars like fruits, which contain sucrose (a disaccharide of fructose and glucose) in place of starch is that it reduces the tendency to store fat. Unlike starch and glucose, fructose and glucose together inhibit the stimulation of insulin and lead to a much more efficient metabolism of sugar, including spared oxygen consumption and increased carbon dioxide production.

Your current state of health matters greatly in how much or how little fruit/sugar is needed and how you are able to utilize the sugar. We must understand that how we have been eating and living for most our lives has a direct effect on our bodies ability to digest and use the foods we are eating. If you are not used to eating fruits (or have been eating a diet high in PUFAs, nuts and seeds, soy, above ground vegetables which hinder your bodies ability to effectively use sugar) which contain a good amount of sugar because you have been avoiding them then you need to slowly adjust as time goes by to make sure we don’t create more chaos and dysfunction in our bodies. Go slow, track the foods, and titrate up or down based on how you feel through objective and subjective measures.

Fruits and potatoes are the only two foods that do not contain PUFA. Fruit juices are high in salicylates so it’s like drinking organic aspirin (very anti-inflammatory).” Lita Lee, PhD

You can only build a classic physique if you can recover optimally so that your body does not break down over time. You can’t train if you do not have the energy or constantly getting hurt (which happens because people do not give the body what it needs). Nutrition and lifestyle is paramount and needs to be the focus. Without health you will never build a sustainable lifetime physique.

“According to John Ivy PhD, sugar is far more effective than protein in preventing protein degradation in the muscle. Most research shows that 30-45 min post workout your muscle machinery, in the presence of the right type and amount of carbohydrates and protein, can initiate repair of damaged muscle and replenish glycogen stores. Right after exercise, your cells are VERY sensitive to insulin, which if paired with the right carbohydrate to protein ratio, can be used to our anabolic advantage.” EastWest Healing

Andrew Soundarajan titled Fruit Still Life
Image: Andrew Soundarajan, “Fruit Still Life”

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