No Cardio for Fat Loss – The More Muscle you Have, The More Fat you Will Burn At Rest

Why I do not recommend cardio for fat loss

The more muscle you have, the more fat you will burn AT REST.

Cardio/Running on a treadmill does not build muscle and this is ONE of the reasons I do not recommend steady state cardio.

What does burning fat at rest mean?

​Exactly what it says. By using weights instead of running on the treadmill or using the elliptical, you will build muscle and lose fat.

The benefit is that since you are building muscle in the gym by training properly, you will burn fat outside of the gym:

  1. sexy boom boom time with the partner
  2. at home sitting on the couch,
  3. eating delicious food,
  4. watching television,
  5. reading a book,
  6. sleeping,
  7. hanging out with friends,
  8. and other non gym activities that you enjoy.

Hence the more muscle you develop (this does not necessarily mean getting bigger or growing in size) the more fat you will burn when you are not working out.​ Further meaning you will not have to live in the gym to see results.

Cardio Craze, Unknown Vintage Photograph
Image: Unknown Vintage Photograph, “Cardio Craze”

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