Never Build Yourself Up Just to Knock Others Down, Build Yourself Up to Help Others Build Themselves Up: Standards, Beliefs, Principles, and Attitude

Training shouldn’t be driven by your ego or for external validation. Lifting weights does not make you better than anyone else. It should be about improvement of the self, wholeness, body and mind. It should bring you to a greater connection with yourself and with others, practicing respect for yourself and those you come across in life.

1. “You have to be strong enough to stand up for what you believe, even if you are standing alone.” Bohdi Sanders, Modern Bushido: Living a Life of Excellence

2. “Warriors do not lower themselves to the standards of other people; they live independently according to their own standards and code of honor.” Bohdi Sanders, Modern Bushido: Living a Life of Excellence

3. “Conduct yourself in a manner that is worthy of respect and don’t worry about what others think.” Bohdi Sanders, Modern Bushido: Living a Life of Excellence

4. “Focus on making yourself better, not on thinking that you are better.” Bohdi Sanders, The Secrets of Worldly Wisdom: Your Key to Unlocking Success

5.In every generation, there are those who refuse to lower themselves, who refuse to compromise their character when tempted, who do the right thing no matter what. There are also those who do not care enough to stand against temptation. It is not because they can’t, but they don’t. And then there are the one who actively choose to be malicious, to hurt people for their own gain or just out of spite; these are the evil ones.” Bohdi Sanders

6.Jon Jon said his father had never compromised his beliefs, morals or principles and had refused to take steroids, even when they became prevalent in the bodybuilding fraternity.

“He refused to take them and still had the courage to compete against men who were obviously taking steroids and were obviously half his age,” he said.

Jon Jon said Reg was passionate about everything he did and never discriminated against anyone he spent time with training in the gym.

He would help everyone and talk to everyone; from the manual labourers in the gym to the extremely wealthy, he treated everyone the same,” he said.” Jon Jon Park talking about his father Reg Park on not compromising oneself, maintaining principles and treating everyone with respect and kindness

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