The Mass Confusion Surrounding Nutrition, Health, and Fitness

Most people are surprised when I tell them the foods that I eat. Surprised because they are ignorant when it comes to what is really healthy and what real food actually is.

They honestly do not understand what sugar means, why we need it, what sugar is, what proteins are best, quality sources, etc even though they think they know, they have no idea. They also blame “sugar” when actually it is the unsaturated fats that are truly to blame but they are ignorant.

Some people think:

1. I eat very little food. NOPE!

2. That I restrict. NOPE!

3. I eat tons of green leafy salads. NOPE!

4. I eat tons of nuts and seeds (bird food haha). NOPE!

5. I force myself to eat certain “health” foods. NOPE!

6. I am an airatarian. NOPE!

7. I live in the gym and spend hours doing cardio and lifting weights. NOPE!

8. I drink fish oil by the gallon. BIG NOPE!

9. I do not eat after 6pm. NOPE!

10. I do not eat any carbohydrates/sugar. BIG NOPE!

People are led to believe by the fitness and health industry that in order to have the body they want, they need to restrict, diet, eat bland and boring foods, limit or restrict carbohydrates/sugars, eat a ketogenic diet, spend hours upon hours in the gym and do LOTS of cardio.

This is what the fitness and health industry want you to believe. NEEDS YOU to believe. So that you think you need them and their bullshit supplements, “health” foods.

YOU DO NOT NEED TO SUFFER to get healthy and you certainly DO NOT NEED TO SUFFER to sculpt a beautiful healthy physique! I PROMISE YOU.

And I will let you in on another SECRET the fitness industry does not want you to know/realize. Foods like ice cream, pie, chocolate, are all and can be part of a healthy well balanced lifestyle while becoming fit, healthy, confident, and happy.


But first, no more IGNORANCE. You have to do the work and learn! It is up to you. You have no one to blame but yourself and no one can do it for you but you!

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