Exercise before a Looking-Glass

“It is desirable to exercise before a looking-glass. For you can thus follow the movements of the various muscles; and to see the muscles at work, and to mark their steady development, is itself a help and a pleasure.” Eugen Sandow

What does strip to sculpt mean?

Seeing is believing and in my experience very helpful in achieving and building the body we want. It is greatly empowering and motivating to see our body develop. So much so that when we train I encourage as little clothing on as possible. It can be uncomfortable at first and really fearful to reveal and see parts of our bodies that we reject and dislike, especially when our bodies are poorly developed but we cannot heal and change that which we don’t reveal and embrace.

Empowering and Motivating

It is very encouraging to see your body develop as you train. Seeing the muscles contract as you perform the movements allows you to see your body taking shape and develop how you see fit. Seeing the muscles contract and form only motivates you more to work harder and to stay consistent with not only your workouts, but all of the other important things that equal a healthy lifestyle (nutrition, sleep, etc) You are more likely to keep things going the more you see positive changes happening.

Turn your weaknesses into strengths

We tend to cover up and therefore neglect the areas we are weak at or not developed in. This is only natural and a very comfortable thing to do. While being comfortable is certainly comfortable, as you know, change, evolution, growth as a person requires embracing the uncomfortable. This takes major courage but so does becoming the person we know we can be. Embrace your faults, knowing in your mind that if you take action in bettering yourself and things will improve.

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